Апрель 27, 2020


Quality content containing useful information. You should create videos that will interest the target audience, help solve a specific problem, teach something, etc.

Call to action. He must be present in every video. Feel free to ask to like, subscribe, leave comments. In some cases, people just forget to do it, having watched pay for youtube view the plot to the end. Seeing the name of the next video in YouTube’s recommendations, they will quickly switch to it, forgetting to subscribe.

Offer others your videos at the end of each video. This will allow the viewer not to leave your channel, but to get acquainted with the maximum amount of material. If he is interested in the proposed subjects, and the presentation style of the material - he is guaranteed to subscribe to your channel.

Competent design of the channel. In order for the YouTube View Set to give positive results in the future, you should responsibly approach the design of the site, where the banner and icon play an important role. They are the first to catch the eye of those visitors who fall on your channel. For example, you have a platform about martial arts, boxing and other sports, and your banner has a forest or clouds. Of course, visitors will form an image that such a channel will not bring much benefit. Therefore, potential subscribers will simply leave without paying enough attention to your site. If you can’t create an attractive banner yourself, contact freelancers or use the services of other specialists, because future success depends on it.

If you are a blogger, it is best to put your face on the banner. It will be recognizable after a short period of time, provided that if you correctly promote the channel.

The use of music. Rollers should not be boring and gray for the viewer. Even if you buy YouTube channel views, subscribers and likes, they may not produce results in the future due to boring content. Movies in which pleasant music in the background sounds are more interesting to watch. It should be remembered that you cannot use any music. There are special platforms for this, including the YouTube library, where it’s acceptable to select tracks for your videos.

Frequency of loading videos. This is one of the most important rules and should not be ignored. Content should be published regularly. The fact is that YouTube positively “relates” to those sites that are active. The resource algorithms are configured in such a way that with the frequent unloading of material, a regular stream of new viewers occurs. You won’t go into details; you yourself will be able to observe changes in the channel’s life if you follow this rule. Excellent results can be obtained by uploading from 1 to 3 videos per week.

Inform your subscribers. Let them know what days new content will be released. Having chosen certain days, for example, Monday and Wednesday, try to break into a cake, but keep the promise so that your subscribers take you seriously.

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